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How about China shared hosting

Any kind of thing, not to say that we are saying good and bad judgment is not in the hands of the supplier, but in the hands of the user. The same is true in the IDC industry. For example, the good and the bad of the China shared hosting , and how to evaluate the good and bad of a China shared hosting server, the customer has to call the shots.

So, how to evaluate the good and bad of a virtual server as a virtual space user? What are the criteria for evaluation?

1. Load capacity

Load is far more important than spatial capacity, although the application of the China shared hosting is multiple users to share a single server, but users understand it is necessary to service provider, whether to have how many users share the same server resources with yourself. Because only service providers make a fair distribution of the resources between each user, the actual benefits of most users can be guaranteed. If the Shared too many users, server load running, will reduce the stability of the server, reduce the processing power of CPU, the program runs is difficult, when users visit the web site can‘t find the page, unable to link to the database, and even don’t have access to a serious fault.

2.The traffic

Traffic is user sites may access number, service is also in line with the principles of fair distribution have the server resources, to each user traffic restrictions, but the problem is that they limit the extent of the. If limit value is too small will greatly damage the interests of the users, can think so, even if the flow numerical to very small, site storage space to again big also useless, because it can let users website browse particularly slow.

3. Number of links

Link number refers to the number of people who can simultaneously accept the application to open the website page at the same time. The value of the link is directly related to the login level of the user‘s website on the China shared hosting 。 If will link count limit too little, and then the number of user web site can be accessed at the same time is very limited, user page will appear to let visitors waiting time is too long is not normal, general support for the number of links to standard will not be qualified index. But some small operators to easily monitor user, forcing it to choose high price level of a virtual service type, will make hard to link count value, so the user when the choose and buy needs special attention.

4. Online rate

Since the site is built, it should always keep it running so that visitors can log in at any time. Foreign VPS shared hosting providers are generally committed to the online rate of their users’ websites. But only a few services in domestic a clear commitment to ensure that the user web site online rate, most service providers due to bandwidth, the limitation of hardware equipment and technical management ability, it is easy to produce downtime issues, so this subject unable or unwilling to make public “quantitative”。

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is whether the service provider can provide users with an economical and convenient service choice or not. There are two points that are worth paying special attention to: whether or not you can decide to increase your space capacity. Another is the ability to use different operating system platforms at the same price. Because both of these issues are directly related to the user‘s interests, once the user’s website has grown to the level of the original space capacity, the user must increase the configuration.

6. The function of Website

For many companies and schools, just contact network if the services provided by the site management is not so simple and easy to use interface, function also is not so complete, it is difficult to operate smoothly in the future use of the site. Therefore, it should be noted that service providers provide users‘ websites with functions such as auto-generating web page modules and web content extensions, so as to avoid the hassle of doing complex operations themselves.

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