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How to Select the China Shared Hosting

How should small and medium-sized enterprise construction station select the China shared hosting or server?

In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of IDC, the server type is changing rapidly. The variety of server type is also a choice for enterprise website construction. So, as a small and medium-sized enterprise of Chinese enterprises, should we choose the China shared hosting or server for the enterprise construction station?

Both the server and the China shared hosting have the effect of hosting the content of the website, while a stable server has a significant impact on the website optimization and user experience. For larger large websites, do you usually choose to build a stand-alone engine room, but should you choose a server or a China shared hosting for small and medium-sized enterprises?

The China shared hosting: also called web site space “refers to the use of virtual technology will be a run on the server on the network divided into multiple modules, to form a” virtual “servers, each of the China shared hosting has an independent domain name and Internet services, these China shared hosting resources sharing website, such as bandwidth. For the rental of the China shared hosting, it can be seen as a rental housing.

1.A small or, for some of the views of bandwidth is less to small web site can select the China shared hosting, because the China shared hosting comes from the partition on the server, Shared server resources, capacity is generally small, the largest is 1-2 G, and IIS connections and occupancy of CPU has certain limitations, so for the previous smaller scale and visits new site, you can choose to use the China shared hosting , wait until late website development to a certain size, can consider to server hosting or rent.

2.For some high traffic information website, web portal, download site, special privileges, music video movie website, and higher website to server stability requirement, can choose to rent server hosting or server. Server hosting and renting can enjoy a certain amount of bandwidth, not because other sites occupy too much resources, resulting in slow traffic. In terms of cost, the cost of server hosting is the size of the server (generally calculated in accordance with U) + exclusive bandwidth costs; The cost of renting a server is the cost of exclusive bandwidth and the cost of configuration, so the cost of hosting the server is a little higher than renting.

According to the above two analysis, when choosing a China shared hosting, the China shared hosting server can be selected according to its own website type. But in choosing a China shared hostingserver, it is important to note: the room should have special 7 * 24 hours technical personnel on duty, high quality customer service, such as standard room, constant temperature, humidity, dust, anti-static, stable voltage, high seismic index, these conditions are the important measure of a web site space server.

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