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What is the Harm to the China Shared Hosting When Virus Attack

What is the harm to the China shared hosting when virus attack?

With the rapid development of computer and network technology, computer virus has become the greatest threat to information security. Virus attack can cause a qualitative harm to the China shared hosting, website server and so on. Because of computer virus infectious, latent, triggers sexual characteristics, but also attack file, make the system run speed decreases, the destruction of network system, which cause serious damage to interfere with the normal operation of the computer system, etc. To this end, it is necessary to take data backup, carry out virus checking regularly, establish multi-level virus protection, and cultivate good virus defense awareness, etc., to prevent and control computer viruses.

I. Attacking documents

The form of computer virus attack files is diverse, and the file type virus is most common in its type of attack. Either the source file of the computer, the system file, or the document file or executable may be the object of the virus attack. After a file is infected with the virus, its contents may be damaged or altered and its storage time may change.

2.The system running with a slower speed

Virus attacks computer mainly to take up, change the way of allocating memory, etc, make the computer system running, and processing speed decline, some programs are also due to the system memory is too small and cannot run normally.

3. Destroy the network system and interfere with the normal operation of the computer system

Some viruses attack and damage the network system by taking up network routes and illegally using Internet resources, until the network is paralyzed. The virus can cause the computer to crash, do not execute the command, hard disk format, keyboard lock, display failure and so on and so forth.

The widespread usage of the Internet makes the transmission of the virus more convenient and widespread, and its harmfulness will be greater, so measures must be taken to prevent computer viruses from being closely guarded.

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