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The Creation of Website Steps in Free China Shared Hosting

In the last installment, we introduced the free China shared hosting and its advantages and disadvantages. Next, let‘s take a look at what steps are required for a free China shared hosting to create a web site.

1. Register free space account and enter the membership center after successful landing

2. After entering the user center, click “click the first button” button to initialize the free China shared hosting

3. After the initial success, it will be prompted that the domain name is not bound

4. Click management and enter the China shared hosting panel

5. Set up the FTP password so that you can use FTP to upload resources to free space

6. Enter the database management interface — click the initialization database — database management, remember the database name and password, and use it when you install the website.

7.After the database is initialized, a database like the user name is automatically created, which can be used directly to install the database.

8. To create a database, most of the building system needs to create database manually, which can be created through these operations:

9. In the database management interface — advanced management — [click into advanced management], and then click “database”, enter the database name, click create, and the database is created successfully.

10. Some pre-installed website systems that can be shipped directly into the “in the China shared hosting control panel” of free space. However, in free space, pre-installed website systems are generally not the latest version, and some of the open source system upgrades can’t be made across versions, which are relatively cumbersome to upgrade. If you install updates to the latest version over and over again, you might as well upload the latest website system source code to install it directly.

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