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Selection Principle China Shared Hosting of Domain Name Enterprise Mailbox

In recent years, with the rise of Internet technology, e-commerce and online marketing, it has changed people‘s access to information resources and changed the way of life and work. Both individuals and enterprises are in a highly information-based Internet era. It is this trend that drives companies to make full use of the Internet’s resources according to their development needs; Improve the application level of the Internet foundation and face the comprehensive competition in the information age. China shared hosting of domain name and enterprise mailbox select the six principles of Internet basic application services.

1. Internet basic application services from user demand

For most companies, building their own Internet infrastructure is another complex system project. Enterprise in choosing a China shared hosting, the products and services such as E-mail, need to consider how to effectively meet the needs of existing business, and conform to the trend of the development of the network application, and the reasonable input and output ratio. Not only requires the quality of the products, but also provides fast and perfect services to solve users‘ worries.

2.For enterprises, the domain name, China shared hosting and mailbox can’t be less

The domain name, China shared hosting and mailbox are no longer the old face in people‘s heart. After a few changes, its technology is improving and its application function is increasing. Users and email domain name, China shared hosting on importance in market competition have a more clear understanding, in the see the smoke of war, the Internet based application level of high and low has become the important factor of enterprise competitiveness.

3. Certification authority

The first step before construction is to apply for domain name, because domain name is the “door number” on the network, no domain name user will find your website on the Internet. With the increasing awareness of domain name registration in Chinese enterprises, the value of large commercial identification and market promotion value of domain name is gradually highlighted.

4. Functional application should be comprehensive

When choosing China shared hosting and email boxes, enterprise users are not only considering basic factors such as price and function of products. We should pay more attention to whether the application of the product itself can adapt to the current business needs and future development of users.

5. High security and stability

Enterprise e-commerce, the application of online transactions has become more and more extensive, how to resist outside illegal invasion and attack? How to ensure the security and stability of information resources and equipment? The application of network storage and the security and stability of information resources are becoming the primary concern of users.

If your website cannot log in, unable to send and receive E-mail, your information system is not stable, the system is not safe.。。 How much will it cost? Even disastrous consequences! So it must choose carefully when choosing domain name, China shared hosting, enterprise mailbox.

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