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How to Choose China Shared Hosting Space for Novices

Package delivery! Today, the editor for the vast number of novice stationmaster friends to send welfare, I believe that many stationmaster friends in the choice of China shared hosting space, do not know how to choose, need to pay attention to which relevant matters. Now, lets take a look at what the benefits are.

1.Consideration of website uses:

When we choose the China shared hosting in the construction station, we need to consider the purpose of the website. If we want to build a personal website, the personal website is often created for personal interests only, The general demand is to post blog posts, interact with fans, and personal displays, and so on. There is not much budget in terms of the website, so we tend to pay more attention to the price and function of the hosting computer.

If we want to build a corporate website, corporate sites are generally designed to promote products and services, and so on, In order to increase the visibility of the enterprise, expand its influence and attract customers or sell products online, we are more concerned about the performance of the China shared hosting, access speed, technical support and so on.

2.Considering website development support:

As a novice site, we also need to consider which languages or frameworks our site will use to develop Windows host spaces for ASP, ASP. NET and MYSQL Server support are good, while Linux host space is not. NET, but a little better for PHP and MySQL database support. If youre using ASP in your development, youre definitely going to choose a Windows host, and if youre using PHP, its better to choose Linux. Linux Virtual Host supports Linux+ Apache+ MySQL5 most appropriate architecture. Running PHP Web pages is more stable and efficient, and Windows China shared hosting is compatible with both. NET series of versions, the stability is also very high.

3.Considering the size of the website space:

The novice site also needs to consider whether to select a China shared hosting or a standalone hosting based on the size of our site. Look at our website at the same time the number of online users will have tens of thousands, the number of blogs or posts have tens of thousands of ah, and so on. General individual website and small and medium-sized enterprise website choose China shared hosting is enough, oversize enterprise can take in regardless of the budget or the technical support, the independent host also needs to have the special computer room to manage.

5.Consideration for filing:

General choice of domestic shared hosting is required to file, and the process is also more troublesome, and the choice of foreign host is exempt from the record, Hong Kong shared hosting does not need to file. Then some people may ask, the overseas or Hong Kong hosting, if we visit the Mainland, the speed will not be slow? Foreign ones may be slower, but Hong Kongs is fine.

5. Consideration of technical support:

For the novice, once the use of any sudden situation in the process of use, then timely and professional technical support is nothing more than to send charcoal. Just think, if our e-commerce website is engaged in promotion, appear sudden problem, so time is money ah, if do not solve a problem in the shortest time, that loss can be not small ah. If the supplier provides 7*24 hours of professional technical support, that will also maximize our benefits.

The above-mentioned content, it is the welfare that the small cover gives everybody, hope to broad stationmaster friends have some help.

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