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What Are the Benefits of Using a Foreign Shared Hosting

What are the benefits of using a foreign shared hosting?

With the domestic shared hosting need to record first, and more and more people choose to use overseas shared hosting in order to save the red taped procedures. So what are the benefits of using an overseas shared hosting?

1.If an U.S.shared hosting is used, no record is required. I believe that the process of recordation, we all have experience, but the long wait, let people wait heartbroken. If the website fails to file successfully within the deadline, then the threat of being shut down, there is no recordation problem in the U.S. website space, so you can use it confidently and not worry about the filing.

2.Domestic space contains telecommunications and Netcommunication. If the chosen space is telecommunications, the access speed of Netcom users will be limited. If be Netcom, so the telecommunication user will be restricted again. The U.S. space is not limited by the speed of the ISPs selected by the visitor, which means that whether the user is telecommuting or Netcom is switched on at the same speed, you can keep a large number of potential users for your site.

3.The United States is the hub of the world network, and the network is the most developed place, The United States space in Europe and the United States has opened very quickly in the United States and the United States, the speed of global visits will be increased, although our domestic visits are not as fast as the domestic space, the customer is God! Customer convenience is the most important thing, right?

4.The foreign space can choose whether to be independent of IP. The main reason is that foreign IP resources are abundant, and our domestic IP resources are scarce, we seldom provide independent IP space. The advantage of using stand-alone IP is that it can protect you from the influence of other space, and can restrict domestic access.

And the foreign space is very conducive to SEO search engine optimization, especially in the United States. Because GOOGLE originated in the United States, the GOOGLE Search Web sites Spider will take priority over the U.S. pages, and then slowly extend to other countries by route.

According to the above-mentioned advantages, whether to choose the China shared hosting or according to its actual needs to make reasonable choices. The overseas shared hosting has the comparative advantage, also has the relative disadvantage, always has the pros and cons. Therefore, when choosing, we should make choices according to our reasonable circumstances, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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