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The Best China Shared Hosting Is the One That Perfectly Works For You

“Only buy the right, don‘t buy the expensive”, “suit oneself is the best”, a slogan is spoken the idea that people buy in the heart. In the same way, for many webmasters, when choosing a China shared hosting, it is also important to choose the right one according to the actual situation. We should also do “only buy the right, not buy the expensive”。

First, let’s take a look at what is a China shared hosting and what are its uses?

What is China shared hosting: China shared hosting, also known as “site space”, are to divide a physical server running on the Internet into multiple “shared” servers. China shared hosting technology has greatly promoted the application and popularization of network technology. At the same time, the renting service of China shared hosting also has become a new economic form in the Internet era.

It is mainly used in: the China shared hosting through software technology on IIS build a site, can also be understood as the server hard disk by professional software technology into many pieces, each piece has a separate folder, the folder directly built on IIS sites form a separate WEB space, and can run common website source code in the space program, external China shared hosting, and WEB servers, but because a single server can divide a lot, so can effectively reduce the cost.

So how do we choose the right one for ourselves? The first thing we do is to do what station, the requirement of the China shared hosting is not often go out of question, speed still can, can use in the long term. General can buy lower price for service providers is mostly rented server company, credit is no guarantee that.Maybe you do not use a few days off, or even if he‘s not you, a even general server configuration cost one year to WuLiuQian, if a space 20 dollars a year, that means he is going to put about 300 sites to earn back the cost, if you want to earn money is will also increase the number of sites, a server configuration itself is not high on hundreds of stand you think website can speed up faster, like, it is a piece of cake eat can also be a few people, if all of a sudden to hundreds of people do you think eat satisfied, since low cost can’t buy that is certain to buy high-priced, this also is wrong, high prices could be better, but the China shared hosting than with machines, people are sick and what‘s more, the machine, price is high, in fact, many of them are known , when to buy many of them are attached to the brand value in it, and the price high, a large service provider does not reach the designated position, because of their large user group, general small customers to you very hard, and the price is so high and not everyone can afford, so choose moderate price, as long as it is a regular enterprise, service a good service provider is king.

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