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The global CDN acceleration technology of Bluehost

Do you have noticed that the shared hosting on Bluehost China support global CDN acceleration technology? BlueHost Linux shared hosting is to support the global CDN acceleration technology, then what advantages does this kind of shared hosting have? ok, it is fast!If sites placed in the shared hosting that supports acceleration technology, the access speed will be very fast, which is also an obvious feature. Perhaps some webmasters do not know what the CDN technology is, this article will give you an detailed introduction.

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network,that is content distribution network. It can send the content of the website to the “edge” of the network closest to the

small network bandwidth , the large user access, and the uneven dot distribution(that means the content of a server, the average division to multiple servers, server intelligence Identify, allow users to get the nearest server, increase speed)。

In other words, using CDN acceleration technology to cache the site content in the nearest place to user, and then when the user visits the site content, the scheduling system will route or guide the user requirements to the nearest place to the network, or the cache server with best access speed. When compare with direct access to the source station,provides users with content services will shorten the network distance between users and content , so as to increase the speed.

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