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Is Free Shared Hosting Easy To Use?

Few people will refuse the free and shared stuff, so many newbies in the hosting domain will consider some free shared hosting plans for the sake of reducing the budget. The free shared hosting is actually a kind of server that offered by the hosting provider with no charge. But the “free” here doesn‘t mean you don’t have to pay forever. Once you surpass the trial period, well, the provider will reminder you of paying for the bill. Therefore, it can be regarded as one marketing method. However, you may say that you have seen dozens of permanent free shared hosting provided by some providers, but it is hard to say the qualities of those plans.

So, is the free shared hosting easy to use? First, we should know the free shared hosting may have the unmetered traffic so that your website may lose some potential customers. In addition, some free hosting providers will change IP addresses very often and place a lot of websites aiming different markets on one server, which may bring some bad effects to your site. Apart from this, some free web spaces will also set some limitations on SEO strategies. In a word, you can think about that if all the performances of the free web hosting‘s functions go well, will users still purchase the paid one? And how can the related industries earn their money?

Actually, when applying for the trials of some free shared hosting, many users will be asked to promote the providers they corporate with, like sharing on Weibo and Wechat. And in most cases, the lack of the technical support will also reduce the stability and speed of the website.

In fact, the paid shared hosting does not cost much, ranging from 100 to 200 renminbi, and also provides users with the high-quality functions, stability and customer service.

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