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Dedicated Hosting Rental FAQ Answered

The dedicated hosting means that the customer has no need to purchase the server and then partition the space into several tiny parts so as to let the clients store their data. Honestly, this option refers to the user owns the separate server and bandwidth, and does not share them with other users.

In fact, the user generally cannot buy the server as its own data center because of the astonishing price. Therefore, only the big company or the large website will spend tens of thousands of or even higher budget to do the purchase and employ the professional experts to scrutinize the operation all the day. So, most enterprises nowadays will choose the latter one.

In the current stage, the dedicated hosting software can allocate CPU, memory and disk resources, but has no tech to support to partition the bandwidth.

Basically, apart from the space size, the user should also pay attention to the following aspects:

Space Capacity

The website space capacity should depend on the website‘s size and traffic. The individual may choose 100M – 200M, while the enterprise may select 300M – 1000M.

Space Traffic

In general, the website traffic can be divided into the limited traffic and unlimited traffic. Because the traffic and speed are inversely proportional, so it is best to use the space with the limited traffic so as to effectively protect the speed. And the website speed with no traffic limitation actually has no guarantee. For many starters, they will wrongly consider no-limitation as the highest speed. But, the truth for “unlimited“ is that no one can ensure that you will always has the best access speed at all.

Space Price

The space price is mainly decided by the external environment, including the server capacity, the access speed, the site traffic and the environment of the data center.

Space Security

The website or the server will be infected by the virus sometimes. A good web space can effectively terminate the infection from the outside world.

Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

The shared hosting is one kind of space that can not transit and backup the data. Although this option has only one authorization, its affordable price is still very attractive to the individual user. While the dedicated hosting owns the separate administration authorization, which can effectively protect the web resources. Thus, this option is very suitable for the professionals and enterprise users.

The factors that deciding the website speed contain the environment of the data center and the client’s number.

Data Center Environment: The customers of Netcom and Telecom have the lower speeds to access the data centers of the other company. Even though the market has the two-line center, the price may be a little more expensive.

Client‘s Number: There is a celling of the number of the clients for each server. Once the total population surpasses the standard, well, the speed, performance and stability will expose to the danger. However, people will not that easy to figure out the statistic, but all the cheap spaces will possibly exist this problem.

Provider Selection: With no doubt, remember to choose the experienced and reliable hosting provider by checking the registration date of the company.

And just pay attention to the IDC certificate, it is a strong evidence to the legality of the target hosting provider. And choosing a domestic or near-by provider will also bring you the convenience in the refunding part.

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