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Is Shared Hosting A Server?

Nowadays, when purchasing the website space, people may encounter three options including the shared hosting, VPS hosting and the server. As we all know, VPS hosting is equal to the virtual private server. So, does this mean that the share hosting is the same as the server? If not, what‘s the disparity between them then?

In general, the server is the host of the desktop computer, which is the kernel to make the machine run fast. It not only enables people to store, upload and download images and videos etc., but also tackle problems concerning the streaming media and back end management. Basically, you can utilize the remote login window to complete the same operation on the server like you do on the computer by your own. But obviously, the server located in the data center has a relatively stable web environment and brings you a better security to your data.

While the shared hosting usually means that a tiny virtual storage space that is partitioned from one server, so it is also called the web space. Every dedicated shared hosting owns the separate domain name and complete functions (such as WWW, FTP and E-mail) of the Internet server. In addition, the shared hosting also obsesses the functions of storing and upload files, but it seems to have a rather small capacity compared with the server, which may let it fail to download the documents you need.

Overall, the shared hosting is not the server, but the space that separated from one dedicated server. And every space equips with the storage and upload functions, and several spaces will share the resources coming from the same server. In a word, the shared hosting is heavily welcomed by most SMEs with its simple operation and high performance-price ratio, and it may be your best choice as well.

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