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What are the Considerations for the Purchase of China Shared Hosting

Many webmasters and enterprises are not familiar with the performance, configuration and other factors when purchasing China shared hosting. You don‘t know what kind of China shared hosting that your site needs. Next, let’s take a look at some of the configuration resources that are worth our attention.

1.Spatial size and database:

Web space is the storage space used to store Web files, while database space is the storage space used by the website for databases such as MySQL or MsSQL.

2.IIS connections:

The current 100 IIS connections can satisfy most web site requirements, which means that the China shared hosting supports the same 100 visitors browsing the site.

More than two functions can be said to be more attention to some of the configuration in the China shared hosting , and now it says some of the less important in the China shared hosting function ,it is “log space”。 This kind of space can only be used for storage site run the log files, and cannot be stored web database file or a web site, for most small and medium-sized websites of this kind of space.

3.let‘s talk about a little tip for testing space – Ping.

Ping is a built-in tool that can be used to detect whether the network is connected or not. In the run dialog box, type “CMD” to open the command prompt. Then enter the command “ping IP address or domain name” to enter the relevant parameters. Depending on the length of the return, you can determine the approximate speed of the server.

The interpretation of the above system with some simple common sense, the China shared hosting .Finally IHOSTREPORT will remind.If the website is just started and is just a article sites, not too many pictures, a few hundred MB China shared hosting is absolutely can meet the needs for the most part. But if you have more images and a small number of files to download, you’ll need the space of G. Aside from the need for Web space, other things like post office space and database space can be purchased according to your own needs.

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