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Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Free China Shared Hosting

The “free China shared hosting ” is a flash in the air. But the free here is not so easy to get. Because when choosing a free China shared hosting , you still need to choose carefully.

In recent years, many people have chosen free China shared hosting to build their own Web sites or Web technologies. In fact, free China shared hosting are very risky. If you need a reliable, secure, can quickly loaded services and technical support service, suggest you prepare some budget, to regular services for reliable web hosting space.

1. what is free China shared hosting :

Free China shared hosting means “free” to provide web hosting services for webmasters. Free China shared hosting – for free personal websites, is a great way to learn web design.

China shared hosting is refers to the site space, it is divided into a certain amount of disk space on network server for users to place sites, such as application components, provide the necessary site function and data storage, transmission function.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of free China shared hosting:

1. Advantages of free China shared hosting

A. Isolation between users. Flexibility and direct control of free China shared hosting 。 Full control of free China shared hosting: run arbitrary applications and create arbitrary configurations.

B. Can save on building website expenses. Most of the free China shared hosting provide second-level domain name binding and database functionality, without the cost of buying a domain name database.

C. High security. Higher security also means higher service reliability.

D. Resource control and peak. Ensure that users receive higher levels of services and resources. Allow peak use of idle server resources to provide a service that is better than independent server level (many low-end standalone server resources are inferior to DS server level)。

E.Templates, and application suites. New application operating system and application software can be updated in time to reduce security risks.

F.Customer control panel. Self-service management and troubleshooting tools: restart, repair, reload, backup, real-time monitor free China shared hosting running. Operational logging and resource utilization statistics help administrators find and troubleshoot.

G. Easy migration. There is no need to stop service when upgrading and migrating. The service provider can meet the need for almost all server services from low to high.

H. Backup and recovery. Have backup and restore functions. Many of the DS services include the space to back up your users.

2. What are the disadvantages of free China shared hosting

A. Unstable, it may be down. You might not even have one day, and even some IDC itself is someone else‘s free space to remember back up with a free hosting!

B. There are more space restrictions, such as many foreign China shared hosting that do not open PHP mail functions.

C. Domestic hosting may not provide databases, and abroad, but less.

D. Some can’t bind domain names.

E. In order to prevent the hosting from being abused, IDC will ask the stationmaster to do a lot of “propaganda” such as advertising.

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