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BlueHost Shared Hosting Updates cPanel Theme Style

As we know, BlueHost Linux host is using cPanel control panel, which we have introduced in BlueHost cPanel shared hosting Management System previously. However, careful webmasters may find that the current Linux virtual console control panel differs a lot from the previous, then what is the reason? That is because BlueHost has updated cPanel theme style.

All of these days, cPanel panel gives people an impression of powerful function, but humble interface. However, this is common for users who always touches with cPanel panel , it is also normal to update the new theme style, as the Internet industry now pay more attention to the design. Previously, BlueHost has been using the popular x3 style, but now cPanel management system launched paper_lantern theme to meet the public aesthetic standards.

The newly launched paper_lantern theme is using a new feature icons and background lines to optimizes the JS interactive experience. Compared with the previous x3 style, this theme is more in line with the current aesthetic view of the public. The new theme style features are powerful as it was , the page has become more neat and beautiful, and the user experience is better.

From BlueHost China Station,we learned that the current BlueHost Linux hosts have all been upgraded to the new paper_lantern theme style. Then which is your preference, paper_lantern or the previous X3 ?

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