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BlueHost America Shared Hosting Migrates to KT Room

According to the BlueHost Chinese official website, its Plan B and Plan C shared hosting now has officially migrated to the KT room, allowing users to enjoy a faster access speed.

At present, BlueHost offers shared hosting whose computer rooms are located in the U.S., Hong Kong, Europe and India. Most domestic users often choose rooms in the United States and Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong host has obvious advantage in speed, while the speed of host in the United States is relatively slow. Now, we migrate some U.S. host solutions to the well-known KT room in the United States is to accelerate the speed of the U.S. host in Asia.

The US Krypt room is the KT room that we often mentioned,and its predecessor is a service provider that specifically provides server hosting for CS games, it is known as “fast and stable”。 KT Computer Room is one of the well-known old data centers in the United States,with many data centers around the world, its West Coast computer room in the United States is very fast. So users at home and abroad usually choose to rent the server that of KT computer room.

Currently,there is only Plan B and Plan C migrating to the KT room,while Plan A is still in the previous room. Plan B and Plan C both support unlimited stations, providing unlimited space and unlimited traffic configurations,which is suitable for multiple web users. If you use BlueHost coupon code now, you can also enjoy a 20% discount.

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