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What Should Us Pay Attention To The Shared Hosting Rental

What Should Us Pay Attention To The Shared Hosting Rental?

Although the need to the shared hosting has been gradually increasing nowadays, many newbie website owners and medium-and-small size enterprises still feel confused on the web hosting rental indeed. Below, we will introduce some aspects you should consider when make the purchasing decision.

Access Speed

This aspect draws most of the attention from users. Most of the shared hosting plans will provide the audience with the test IP or site, so we can utilize PING to test the access speed, which seems 60MS and 200MS are respectively normal in mainland China and foreign countries. Apart from this method, we still need to use various IPs to manually open the corresponding website and better find different people to help out. So, choosing the double and multiple-line virtual hosting may be your best choice.

Site Stability

Due to the impact towards the site inclusion, the site stability is now listed as the second pivotal part among website owners. Many websites get lower rankings on search engines just because of their instability.

Support Service

Basically, many inexperienced website owners and medium-and-small size enterprises are not that good at the server management. So, this is why we need to corporate with a provider with the relatively good reputation in the technical support. Users should try to select the famous and renowned domestic web hosting provider which obsesses the professional technical team and abundant industry experience.

Program Environment

Many newbies may feel hard to choose when facing the website building programs such as ASP and PHP, and MYSQL and MSSQL databases at the very beginning. To be honest, it indeed a bit difficult to understand when you begin to engage this domain. But, in general, most shared hosting providers support ASP and PHP program environments. So, don‘t worry about that.

Website Purpose

When choosing the shared hosting, people may face several plans like standard, enterprise and economic, etc. But remember that you should make the correct decision depending on the actual usage of your website. When building a website for our own with the limited budget, we may choose an affordable and functional plan, because the only needs for us are to publish blog posts, engage with readers and demonstrate our polished skills. But once referring to create an enterprise-level website, the attention of us will automatically concentrate on the performance, access speed and technical support, for the sake that this kind of websites are mainly focus on the product promotions and advertising campaigns, which are in order to increase the reputation and influence of the website so as to gather massive customers and sell more products online.

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