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What are the Applicable Objects for Renting a China Shared Hosting

Today, more and more enterprises join the Internet marketing. How can you choose the right one for your China shared hosting service provider? In other words, which enterprises are applicable to China shared hosting

1. A start-up or small and medium-sized enterprises has just started to use server client, for this type of customer, because in those early days, the company will invest a lot of money in business and product development, such as server equipment investment would be relatively small, so that rent price would be more appropriate;

2.Security and stability of the web site have special requirements of the enterprise, we know that China shared hosting and other users sharing the same server server resources, when one of the sites received attacks or occupy large resources, can produce certain influence to other sites. While server renting is the exclusive server resource, there is an independent IP address, which is more advantageous in both security and stability than the China shared hosting.

3. Website supports download, online video music business web site, for this type of web site in network bandwidth and has a high demand on the size, and higher extensibility of server rental, users can set up the right size, according to the requirements of enterprise and can enjoy certain resources, to ensure that each user‘s website access speed, and improve the user experience degrees.

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