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Three Factors that Determine the Quality of China Shared Hosting

In the China shared hosting market, the service providers are numerous, the price difference are big, and the service quality is the good and bad mixed. Choosing a credible and capable China shared hosting service is the key to the successful operation of the website. Therefore, when choosing a China shared hosting service provider, it is usually selected from three factors: resource strength, service level, technological advantage and so on and so forth.

1. Resources to look at the strength of service providers

There are many factors to judge a service‘s strength, and we can consider the hardware and service software of the service provider. Hardware mainly refers to the service provider owns the equipment and network resources, whether to have independent room, has an independent equipment room means that the cost of ownership advantages, at the same time reduce the operational risk of uncertainty, so the independent room service more can provide long-term, stable service. Many service providers do not have this strength, and some small business owners even find an IDC renting server to carry out virtual machines and sell them below the market price. A low-price strategy is usually achieved by compressing the user space, because of the device resource Limit, one was carrying 500 users web server is to put 1000 websites even 2000 sites, not only seriously squeezed the commitment to the user space, also caused the server overload system unstable. If users choose to use these services cheaply, they will get more trouble later than they pay for a few hundred dollars.

2. Select service provider from service level

Many small business owners sell low prices to entice users to buy products, but because of their own unprofessional and the operation of a place to change a place, subsequent services are impossible to provide. China shared hosting is a typical service industry. Besides providing virtual products to users, it also provides high quality pre-sales, after-sales and technical support services. Therefore, the service level of the service provider is an important consideration. Does the service provide 7 x 24 hours of customer service and technical support services? This is important, and one of the most important things to do in a running web site is to stay stable, secure, and fast, and whenever you have a visitor’s visit, you can quickly show it. But no advanced server may once and for all, so service providers should have a mature network, accept and handle equipment monitoring mechanism and the failure mechanism, the rapid response in a timely manner to solve the problem after found the problem.

3. Select service providers from technical advantages

In the current era of Internet, the threat from the Internet has so many, including the malicious attacks, viral infections, such as data theft, on how to guard against these threats, that most small and medium-sized enterprises and individual stationmaster are lack of the corresponding technical force. So when these users come to buy a China shared hosting product, they want to have their own website and data protected and safeguarded, in addition to the need for space. This requires the service provider to have a perfect security system and an advantageous technical team to deal with the threat at any time. Usually, those who have the full service qualification, and have a long time in the industry, have the excellent reputation and reputation of the service business has the strong technical advantage, and can be awarded the heavy responsibility.

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