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The Selection and Application of the Shared Hosting

If the enterprise wants to establish the website well, the application of the shared hosting which equals to the basis of building a website is a must. And when choosing the hosting plan, you can make up your decision to your liking and give more consideration to those web hosting providers with the quality services and high reputations. So, how can we go through the selection and application of the shared hosting?

Basically, the size of the shared hosting is determined by the website’s type and traffic. The ordinary enterprise’s website can choose a smaller space, however, the shared hosting for those larger corporations and portal websites with massive traffic prefers to obsess the abundant resources. In most cases, if there is a need to upgrade your website to fit the future business, well, maybe you can contact your provider to fulfill this action later.

Programming Language and Database

The most common website-building programs are html,ASP,PHP and .net. And basically, ASP needs Access database and PHP requires MySQL. Therefore, when doing the purchase, please check the script program and database information of the selected shared hosting carefully.

IIS Connections and Traffic

IIS connection means the number of visits to the site‘s 80 port within a certain period of time, now generally understood as the number of the concurrent users. Take the normal forum as an example, it usually owns more than 500 IIS connection and 40G traffic every month seems enough for it 。 Anyway, cause your website has been changing all the time, you may consider separately upgrade the traffic and the hosting plan in the future.

Security Plan

The data security plays a vital role in the website operation. In order to protect the data from the malicious intrusion, the web hosting provider offering the host and hardware protection services shall be your best choice.

However, other two main factors like speed and stability may not be reflected directly during the selection and application. Thus, you may focus more on the size, script program, database information, IIS connection, traffic and data security backup options in the early stage when checking your dream hosting plan.

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