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What is Shared Hosting? And Why Use it?

What is Shared Hosting? And Why Use it?

The shared hosting utilizes the specific software and hardware technologies and partitions one single host computer into several tiny “virtual” hosting which respectively owns the dedicated domain name, IP address (or shared IP address) and also the complete function of the Internet server. In general, the shared hosting is a kind of technology that divides the resources (system resources, network bandwidth and storage space, etc) of one server(or a set of servers) into various relatively dedicated “tiny hosting” in accordance with the certain percentage. Every “tiny hosting” could functionally achieve Internet services such as WWW, FTP and Mail, just like the dedicated hosting.

Why Should We Use the Shared Hosting?

1. Compared with the dedicated server, the cost to purchase the shared hosting reduces greatly, which brings the convince to the medium-and-small size website owners.

2. The management of the web server is rather easy and the professional provider would cover the security issues like software configuration, anti-virus and anti-attack in order to streamline the complexity of the server management.

3. The usage of the shared hosting increases the efficiency of building the website. As we all know, It would take a long time for users to purchase servers and initiate installations of the operation system and application software, but renting the shared hosting only needs several minutes, which may smooth the process greatly.

What can the Shared Hosting Do for Us?

The shared hosting is very suitable for the medium-and-small size websites or small portal websites, because this plan could save the capital and resources. Below, we will introduce the main types of the shared hosting:

1. Small E-commerce Platform

The operation between the virtual and dedicated servers are completely the same. The medium-and-small size providers prefer to choose the shared hosting with the relatively low cost to establish their own e-commerce and online trading platforms.

2. ASP、PHP Application Platform

As the featured application template of the shared hosting, this type could allow users to initiate the batch deployment quickly, which makes this plan become the first choice of those medium-and-small enterprises who intend to run the ASP or PHP applications.

3. Data Sharing Platform

Medium-and-Small size enterprises and professional portal websites could enjoy the date sharing and date download services offered by the shared hosting plan. As for large corporations, it can be used as a departmental application platform also.

4. Database Storage Platform

Because this platform could offer the data storage function to medium-and-small enterprises, it becomes the premium choice for the small database with its inexpensive cost and high security when compared with the dedicated server.

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