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How to Apply the China Shared Hosting and What Are the Processes

How to apply the China shared hosting and what are the processes

For many newly formed small and medium-sized enterprises, when choosing a website space server, if buying a China shared hosting , then capital investment is too big. At this point, choosing China shared hosting is the best choice, so how do you apply and process the application?

1. Application process of China shared hosting

(1) select a good ISP service provider;

(2) determine the domain name of the China shared hosting. If you have registered a domain name, you can apply directly to ISP service provider. For domain names registered by other companies, please go through the domain name transfer procedure. For new domain name registration, please complete the domain registration procedure first.

(3) sign the China shared hosting lease contract. Download or copy from the Internet, and fax the ISP service provider after stamping.

(4) remit the corresponding amount to the ISP service provider account, and fax the remittance voucher to the ISP service provider. The ISP service will start work after receiving all the contract and payment voucher. After setting up and receiving the full payment, the “ China shared hosting user notification”, China shared hosting contract (original), “ China shared hosting instructions” and the invoice will be mailed to you.

2. Hosting application process:

Step 1: determine the type and bandwidth of hosting. Determine the type and bandwidth of the hosting according to the demand, and select the corresponding cost.

Step 2: download the relevant forms and protocols. Hosting business need to fill in the corresponding form and signed the relevant agreement, download the IDC hosting contract ,IDC hosting service order,the List of customers bring their own resources , Information of security responsibility.

Step 3: fill out the relevant forms and agreements. Print relevant forms and agreements (duplication) and fill in the corresponding information according to the form.

Step 4: go to the business hall for formalities and fees. Carrying the valid certificate, go through the relevant formalities in the Internet office, and pay the fee.

Step 5: hosting acceptance and opening. Check and sign the equipment according to the contract, obtain the equipment list, and carry out related construction operation and relevant login information.

Step 6: archive for reference. After the hosting of the host, the files such as IDC host trust contract shall be saved for filing and checking.

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