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How Much The Rent Of The China Shared Hosting

How much the rent of the China shared hosting ?

For start-up or SMEs of customers using the China shared hosting, since the beginning, the company will invest a lot of money, so the server will become relatively less on products such as,server rental price will be more suitable for some.But in choosing the China shared hosting, and leasing costs still need to have a certain understanding.

Factors that affect the cost of the China shared hosting are: configuration, different services, space the size of, lines/flow and other factors influence, below, we should know of them one by one.

Firstly, the issues of the flow limitation:

The China shared hosting in the country are generally in accordance with Web space, traffic, bandwidth, divided, between two lines we know cannot properly access the impact telecommunications subscriber access network users or net user access to telecommunications users of slow access speed, in order to solve this problem of two-room.

Secondly,the China shared hosting leased lines:

Double room rooms cost more than single line higher, therefore, leased line costs affecting virtual hosts. As we are familiar with Chinese names, their 500M virtual host need only 218 Yuan a year, in addition to the free 100M of MySQL or Mssql database 50M, the price is a lot cheaper relative to other server rental, and free space. And with the increasing length of rental and enjoy discounts, two 80 percent, five years 70 percent of the promotions.How bigger the Web space, flow higher costs is higher.

Thirdly, the cost of the China shared hosting

First of all to choose should according to their ability to buy companies can buy their own independent servers that the strength of the economy, and the General SME can select a virtual server and the China shared hosting space, many Web sites require the use of internal communication within the enterprise software for beginners, First choose the most basic entry-level products to meet demand. Ever since the site expand and upgrade configuration, which is very convenient.So, to select a relatively high stability of the virtual server.

Fourth,conducting speed test: in addition, in the China shared hosting to speed test, you can test the IP, and then use the ping test, a generic test results below 150 no problem, in more than 250 milliseconds of speed cards then visit the Web site, of course, Ping should be as small as possible,

Virtual host ping value is around 25-55 of Hong Kong, are the most stable.

Fifth,the China shared hosting service situation:

Finally, is to see how the service was, after all, signed a contract with the user is only first step to the China shared hosting, virtual host later cooperation stability is the top priority. We know that the China shared hosting is required 24 hours of continuous operation, so many problems can occur in the process, most of these problems is related to the server, if the service is not in place, then the site had a problem can only be resolved by the webmaster or company themselves.Not only affects the normal operation of the site, and user experience of the website is also a great influence.

According to the five elements, I wnat to reminder webmaster friends, when you select the China shared hosting, Web space, be sure to visit more compare it with, “no comparison there is no damage.”

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