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How about the speed of BlueHost

How about the speed of BlueHost?

Generally, users are mainly focus on the speed of hosts, because the slow speed will affect site’s opening, when you choose host, the speed will be a great consideration. Then, How about the speed of BlueHost? Lets have a look.

BlueHost is a well-known host provider of the United States, which has entered into Chinese market for a long time. In order to better serve for domestic customers, it also launched Chinese station and Chinese customer service, and Chinese station offers the computer rooms respectively in United States, Hong Kong, India,and Europe for users.

The access speed of hosts not only related to room location, but also be influenced by the link lines and so on. The renowned room that BlueHost US used is located in the Texas1 Data Center in Data Foundry, Texas, which also connects with a number of optical fiber service providers, so that ensure the access speed of host.

At the same time, BlueHost’s data center links with the main network of the United States by 10G fiber optic, and in order to ensure access speed, its servers are equipped with 32 CPU cores and 32GB of memory. Considering that the U.S. computer room is far from the Asia, which have to travel across the Pacific Ocean, therefore, BlueHost has specifically optimized the routes in Asia, so that its access speed is very fast.

If you’re concerned about the great distances of US room, you can turn to choose BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting, whose computer room located in Hong Kong, next to mainland ,which also uses the well-known computer room of Hong Kong. In addition, BlueHost supports CDN global acceleration technology, which can shorten the distance between the website and the user, so ensure that the content can be delivered to users efficiently, and it is also the most effective way to realize the fast access speed.

Therefore, Bluehost host speed is not slow, and still relatively fast, whether it is the host of the United States or Hong Kong, they both support global CDN acceleration technology, so the access speed is very fast.

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