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How About of BlueHost US hosting

If it worth to purchase BlueHost US hosting ?

BlueHost is the United States host provider which has so many users in China, that is because this kind of host has many advantages, such as fast speed, stable performance and so on. But for many novice owners,they are not very familiar with it. So many users wander to know if it worth to purchase.

BlueHost is a well-known host provider in the United States, it not only provides hosting services, but also provides services like domain names, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers for users. BlueHost has more than 20 years of hosting experience by now since its foundation in 1996. Additionally, BlueHost also provides four computer rooms respectively in United States, Hong Kong, India and Europe, meanwhile, it also supports global CDN acceleration technology.

The speed of BlueHost US:

The access speed is very important for users,which depends on the host. In fact, the access speed of host has much to do with room location , configuration and route. The computer room of BlueHost US is located in the Texas1 Data Center in Data Foundry, Texas. And this data center was established in 2011, which occupies a large area, directly powered by two independent substations, so ensure the stability of data center, and it also connects with 17+ fiber optic service providers.

BlueHost’s data center links with the main network of the United States through 10G fiber optic, and the servers in room are equipped with 32 CPU cores and 32GB of memory, meanwhile ,it also equipped with an Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID-10) for storage that can read and write quickly. So the access speed of BlueHost US is very fast.

The functions of BlueHost US:

Bluehost supports global CDN acceleration technology, and it can also install dozens of programs with one click, such as WordPress, Drupal, Discuz and so on. What’s more, it also supports several development languages like PHP, Python, ASP, ASP.NET etc., in addition, BlueHost US also provides Linux and Windows systems to meet the needs of different users.

The services of BlueHost US:

BlueHost US also launched BlueHost China and Chinese customer service to better serve the domestic users, so avoiding the communication problem. At the same time, the cpanel panel that BlueHost used just supports the Chinese interface, and it also supports Alipay payment.

BlueHost provides 30 days unconditional full refund guarantee, but once exceed 30 days, you’ll be refunded fees of the rest months. BlueHost China customer service is 7 * 24 hours online ready to help users to solve the problem.

In a word, the host of BlueHost US is still worth to buy, except the fast speed, great performance, and good service, its price is also favorable.

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