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Hosts Fail to Connect the FTP

Generally,website owners often use FTP to build sites, and some larger files can be uploaded quickly with the help of FTP. However, FTP cannot be connected sometimes. Then,what are the main reasons ?

BlueHost is an well known brand of the United States, whose domestic access speed is also very fast, so it has won many users in China. The reasons why Bluehost can not connect to the FTP as follows:

1, The failure of FTP connection is caused by the incorrect user name or password. Many virtual hosts are forbidden to connect anonymously in order to ensure the security of servers , so the username and password must be correct.

2, The domain name of BlueHost meets problems during resolution, so lead to the failure of FTP connection. That is because you need to fill in the domain name or IP address of the host during the FTP connection, if there is an error, the IP address will not be obtained and the FTP can not be connected.

3,BlueHost space has set up the firewall, resulting in the failure of the FTP connection. So users just need to shout down or reset the firewall, the FTP should be connected successfully.

4, The FTP is connected so frequently in a short time, which may cause restrictions by  the host security , so finally lead to the failure 。 At this time, what you have to do is waiting for a while to connect again.

5, The instability of host space may lead to the failure of FTP connection, and this situation basically occur in other hosts rather in BlueHost space.

What mentioned above are the reasons of the failure of FTP connection, along with solutions accordingly, and you can take these for reference as needed.

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