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The advantages of installing Magento program on BlueHost

The advantages of installing Magento program on BlueHost

For e-commerce industry, it is also essential to establish websites. At this point, Bluehost + Magento has been used widely in the process of building e-commerce sites, which can help you easily create a scalable e-commerce site. So the advantages of installing Magento program on BlueHost has drawn great attention, please find details as follows.

Magento is a great program to build e-commerce sites and online stores, which is also a well-known PHP shop procedure. Even though most of the hosts on the market today are supporting PHP + MySQL configuration, not every host can support the Magento program. Sometimes some hosts may react slowly, and the performance is unstable 。

In terms of control panel, BlueHost can realise ‘single-click install’ of Magento , and now there are several main programs, such as Zencart and Magento, which can be used to build e-commerce sites. Magento is emerging recently that later than Zencart, but it is superior both in structure and function than Zencart. Then how about the advantages of installing Magento on a Bluehost shared hosting? Read on for more introductions!

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First, the Zencart program appears earlier than the Magento program, these two programs are e-commerce website systems that currently used widely in the world. By comparison, the former is relatively complicated, and its scalability, operational efficiency and optimized performance are inferior to the latter, so now more and more people begin to choose Magento program rather than Zencart program.

Second, the general mall site supports both Zencart and Magento, but it‘s easier for users to get started with which is built with Magento.

Third, Magento is also relatively powerful in terms of scalability, I’m sure there will be more and more users focus more on the Zencart system.

Fourth, Magento commerce website also provides more free templates for users to choose.

From above introduction, we can see that the advantages of installing the Magento program on a BlueHost host is valuable, at the same time, you’ll enjoy a special price by using the BlueHost discount code.

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