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The relationship between BlueHost America and BlueHost China

BlueHost is an overseas host which is very popular among domestic users, especially for those who engages in foreign trade. However, there is BlueHost America and BlueHost China in domestic, then what’s their relationship? Please read on for more introduction!

In terms of the relationship between BlueHost America and BlueHost China, we can find something from their domain dame. The URL of BlueHost America is www.bluehost.com, and that of BlueHost China is cn.bluehost.com, that is the second-level domain name of the United States site. In fact, BlueHost China is launched in 2014, which is mainly bring convenience to its domestic customers, and its hosts products is also similar to those of the US sites.

BlueHost China as a subsidiary of BlueHost America, its professional technical service as good as that of BlueHost America, and in terms of performance, configuration, and customer service, they‘re all roughly comparable. Details are as follows:

1, BlueHost China is same as BlueHost, which both use the high-level configuration of servers, so it has fast speed and high stability;

2, The domestic users can choose the Chinese version of cpanel control panel, it not only help users to manage easily and view the statistics clearly,but also help them to create e-mails;

3, BlueHost China supports multi-scripting language, SSL encryption technology, and it also support one-click installation function of multi-program languages;

4, BlueHost China also provides global CDN accelerated technical services, which can effectively provide a good access for domestic users;

5, BlueHost China host also provides 30 days unconditional refund guarantee.

BlueHost China not only provides the same products of BlueHost America, but also provides local service. BlueHost China provides four rooms that in the United States, Hong Kong, India, and Europe for user to choose. What’s more, its Asia line is also specially optimized , so that pick up the speed of domestic access, further to ensure the stability of the server. Given the payment ways of domestic users, BlueHost China also introduced Alipay payment, which is so convenient 。 Additionally, its Chinese customer service is 7 * 24 hours online, and ready to help users to solve any host problems.

This is the relationship between BlueHost America and BlueHost China, have you got a idea? Besides, BlueHost also provides coupon codes for you to enjoy a discount.

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