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The Differences Between BlueHost and IXWebHosting

BlueHost and IXWebHosting are both located in America, which are well known to many owners, and they’re now have won a lot of domestic users. Still, many users often wonder to know the differences between them. Please look at the following introduction.

BlueHost is an established host of the United States, it has more than 20 years of hosting experience since its foundation 。 What’s more, it also launched the Chinese official website and Chinese customer service , which are popular with many domestic users.

IXWebHosting can also be an established host of the United States,which also has more than 10 years of host management experience. This host can provide website statistics and original log file access, free search engine submission services and include professional website design software, online file management Webshell, mail access and electronic shopping cart system.

In terms of speed, BlueHost is better than IXWebHosting. Due to there is some problem in the line of IXWebHosting, now the access speed of part of the domestic ares is relatively slow, it is better for users to have a test before purchase. However, the speed of BlueHost is better, there is latency in some area, but it doesn’t matter.

As for the independent IP, only buy BlueHost plan C, can users acquire independent IP for free, however, each plan of IXWebHosting provides additional independent IP, there is no doubt that the price of IXWebHosting is higher. If users just need share IP, the BlueHost host will be the best choice.

BlueHost and IXWebHosting both support Alipay payment, and they also provide Windows host and Linux host that can meet the different requirements of different users. Besides, they both have launched the Chinese official website and Chinese customer service, and support 30 days unconditional refund.

Actually, if users have high demand for speed, BlueHost will be better. If you build a foreign trade website, BlueHost can be the best choice, as we all know, BlueHost also called “the host of foreign trade “。 Additionally,the Bluehost China provides four computer rooms for users to choose ,including the United States, Hong Kong, India, and Europe. Purchase BlueHost products right now,you can use the BlueHost discount code to enjoy the preferential price.

We can see that the major difference between BlueHost and IXWebHosting is the speed. The normal access of sites will depend on the the speed , so it is better to choose the faster host.

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