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Whether BlueHost Supports Global CDN acceleration or not

Whether BlueHost supports global CDN acceleration or not?

As the renowned US host provider, BlueHost has entered into Chinese market for a long time. In 2014, it launched a Chinese station, where offers the United States, Hong Kong, India, Europe host products. As we all know, BlueHost is the foreign host provider, so many users are wondering if it supports CDN acceleration technology, I’m sure you’ll find the answer in the following introduction.

BlueHost launches two types of system hosts in domestic, including Linux and Windows, which offers cPanel control panel and Plesk control panel respectively, and these two control panels are both graphical interfaces that are convenient to users, in addition ,it also supports Chinese & English menu switch.

At the same time, BlueHost China also launches the global CDN acceleration service, and all hosts that in BlueHost Chinese station are supporting the global CDN acceleration technology, which is good for the site that has visitors around the world. Let’s say, users purchase hosts of the United States BlueHost, but it also has some users in Europe,in this condition, CDN acceleration technology will come to you ,so users do not need to connect to the US room, but directly choose to connect the European local CDN acceleration point to mirror the data. In this way , you can improve the speed of data transmission effectively, and improve the sense of user experience.

Features of global CDN acceleration :

1、Local Cache acceleration: It can effectively improve the speed of company sites , in particular the sites which contains more pictures and static pages, besides, it also improves the stability of the site;

2、Provide mirror services: It can eliminate the bottleneck of interconnection between the different operators, and accelerate the speed across carriers, so ensure that different users can access the site smoothly.

3、Pick up speed: Users who access sites remotely can use DNS load balancing technology to select the suitable and fastest server, thus picking up the speed of the remote access ;

4、Bandwidth optimization: It will automatically generate the server‘s remote Mirror Cache server, users can read data from the cache server during remote access, to reduce the remote access of bandwidth and reduce the load of original server 。

5、 Anti-attack in cluster: Widely distributed CDN nodes and the intelligent redundancy mechanism can effectively prevent the hacker’s invasion and the impact of other attacks, so ensure the good quality of services.

From the above,we can conclusion that BlueHost supports the global CDN acceleration, and its acceleration ability is great. BlueHost virtual hosting also offer discount codes, which are available to users to enjoy a discount.

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