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How many sites can BlueHost build?

US host is the most popular overseas host among domestic users in recent years, and BlueHost has the most users, it not only cheap, but also has high-grade configuration. So many users would like to know that how many sites can BlueHost build. Please continue to read the following introduction to find answer.

As an established host provider, BlueHost has more than 20 years of service experience in this area, and its services including Hong Kong virtual host, dedicated server, VPS,China shared hosting. While the virtual host is favoured by many users, because it supports unlimited sites building.

China shared hosting

Theoretically, BlueHost supports the unlimited station, but this just an ideal assumption. When users actually use BlueHost to build the site, they will face limitations of files number and CPU. If the website you plan to build has a very small capacity, then this assumption will come true.

In fact, BlueHost can hold more than a dozen dynamic websites that built with wordpress. If you build static websites, the number could be even higher. However files numbers rather not exceed 300000, otherwise the site will be shout down.

Virtual hosts are limited in some resources, but so long as the number of files do not exceed the limit, there is no problem.

Besides, BlueHost provider also need to focus on the number of visitors,if the site’s visitors exceed a certain level and reached hundreds of thousands , then the CPU of BlueHost may fail to meet their requirments, so the number of sites has a close relationship with the number of visitors.

Now, presumably you have known the answer of how many sites can BlueHost build , in fact, the number of sites that BlueHost can build depends on the number of documents and visitors.

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