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Does BlueHost has traffic restrictions

Does BlueHost has traffic restrictions?

Users who have used BlueHost all know that many American hosts are unlimited on traffic,but not all US hosts do like this, so many users would like to know whether BlueHost has traffic restrictions? Please continue to read the following introduction.

BlueHost is an established American host provider, also one of the overseas hosts that popular among domestic customers, so it has many demestic users. BlueHost also provides Chinese official website and the Chinese customer service to better serve the domestic users, and its products including Hong Kong Virtual Host,China Shared Hosting, China VPS hosting server and so on.

China shared hosting

China shared hosting

BlueHost provides three types of schemes, including plan A、plan B and plan C. But only plan A has traffic restrictions ,with only 50G ,and it only supports a single domain name, so this plan just suitable to use in small single site; however, neither plan B and plan C has traffic restrictions , and both of them provide unlimited traffic and unlimited space. So BlueHost plan has unlimited traffic.

BlueHost has unlimited traffic, but it doesn’t mean that the website also unlimited on download and visit. Anyway, the virtual host is split from the server, part of the resources have some restrictions, such as CPU, memory and so on. Although the traffic is not limited, these resources are still limited, so some large sites will be affected.

BlueHost provides Windows and Linux systems for users to choose, and it also builds computer rooms in United States, Hong Kong, Europe,and India, which can meet the needs of different users that can be the foreign trade sites or domestic sites.

From the above introduction, we can see that there is some has unlimited traffic in BlueHost’s package, which is perfect for download websites that have larger pictures.

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