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How Does BlueHost Install SSL?

SSL like a shield of the site that can help prevent the virus invasion, so there is more and more sites begin to install SSL. Then, how to install SSL? Let’s have a look at“How does BlueHost install SSL? ”

SSL provides protection for sites by a kind of digital transmission encryption and server identification, etc. If a site has SSL, there’ll be a green “padlock”appears in the left of browser, which can demonstrate to users that your site is safe.

Different installation methods of BlueHost:

1、Using Apache to install SSL: Steps of this installation are relatively cumbersome, the main reason is that LAMP configuration is complex, adding SSL and making https still need do more modifications. Therefore, we don’t recommend this way.

2、Using Ngnix to install SSL: This way is much simpler, and you can search lots of installation tutorials online, additionally, there are also many LNMPs that all provide one-click installation,which is very convenient.

3、Using CDN to install SSL: If you ‘re tired of much difficult operations, and the others methods also make you annoyed , then you can use CDN to install SSL quickly. Only through DNS solution,can you access to https.

4. If BlueHost has independent IP,users can add SSL directly on the control panel of Bluehost virtual host 。 SSLs can be added directly on both cpanel and plesk that BlueHost provides.

BlueHost has a variety of SSLs , so it is better for users to choose the most appropriate installation methods according to their own sites and familiarity.

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