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What Should be Paid Attention to Using the BlueHost Shared Hosting

What Should be Paid Attention to Using the BlueHost Shared Hosting

BlueHost promises unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited database space, but for the site, these are not all the key resources. There are some other key resources including CPU,memory,I/O etc. that BlueHost has not advertised in high-profile. There is no explicit value given in BlueHost shared hosting TOS (terms of subscribers)。 But the answer can be found in some other posts, messages.

In the early days, the CPU of US BlueHost limits no more than 20%, or you will receive a warning letter, if exceeded frequently,your account will be suspended 。 However,this can be seen from the blog of BlueHost boss Matt:

“Effective immediately (Actually as of Friday January 25th) we have altered the way we calculate CPU usage. Each user’s cap is now approximately double what we had it set to previously. Many users have complained lately that our cpu quotas were overly restrictive. I believe these changes should reduce the number of people that run into this problem by about 90%.“。

The meaning of the above is that BlueHost has modified the calculation method of CPU ,and the CPU ceiling is roughly changed, and now is twice as much as the original.

Previously,many users complained that the CPU quota limit is too strict. BlueHost believes these changes will at least reduce the CPU overhead by 90%.

In June 2009, BlueHost shared hosting CPU usage limits were further enhanced, BlueHost shared hosting owner matt wrote on the blog as follows:

“NO MORE CPU QUOTA EXCEEDED ERRORS EVER!!!! (Starting on Tues July 29th 2009) We will be completely removing the code that bans users for CPU overages!! Processes will no longer ever be killed or stopped because of too many cpu resources. Instead, your site will simply bump up against any cpu limits that we put in place. This will work just like a VPS or dedicated server, but without the high cost!“。

The meaning is there will be no more CPU overrun errors, we will completely remove the code of CPU restrictions that prohibit the users 。 The process will not be killed or stopped by using too much CPU resources 。 Instead, your site can directly impact any of the CPU limits we make. It’s like using a VPS and a dedicated host, but without the high costs of a VPS and a dedicated host.

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