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Why BlueHost is Suitable For Foreign Trade Website Space

Why BlueHost is Suitable For Foreign Trade Website Space?

When a friend asked me which host is best for foreign trade website , my first recommendation is BlueHost. Some senior owners may know that BlueHost is famous for its fast speed and good stability in domestic. A foreign trade website, of course, gengerallyu focus on speed, stability and security. And the reasons why I recommend BlueHost is because its speed ,stability and safety which can meet the needs of foreign trade enterprises.

BlueHost US uses the latest blade server and dual E5530 2.4Ghz Xeon Quad Core Hyper-Threading processors and other top-level configurations to fully demonstrate high speed, high defense and high security. BlueHost US host can achieve fault migration, When any one server fails, the other device can not be affected , and it can also ensure the user‘s data integrity. The computer room has redundant power supply, high voltage AC and fire detection system to protect the normal operation of the server room.

Foreign trade sites focus on the access speed of website 。 Naturally,overseas users can visit the site that hosted in United States quickly, and BlueHost also supports high-performance technology, and fully support the global CDN technology features, to further enhance the foreign trade website access speed. Bluehost host has launched CDN acceleration service, which is a good feature for the site with global users, for example, corporate site hosted on the United States room, then visitors from Europe do not need to connect to the United States computer room to read the site data, simply link to the local CDN Acceleration Point in Europe to read the mirror data,which can greatly speed up the data transfer speed and improve the user experience of site visitors.

Someone says that BlueHost has no competitive advantage in terms of price. But now it has opened the Chinese official website, and the price is still very affordable, but also BlueHost provides discount code,so you’ll enjoy a discount up to 20%. Domestic SMEs that engaged in foreign trade and even individuals can choose this host to start their own foreign trade e-commerce.

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