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How About the Access Speed of BlueHost

BlueHost is a well-known host provider in the United States, it has attracted more and more users in China recently. But there still many new webmasters who do not familiar with this brand, especially in the speed. Below I’ll show you the access speed of Bluehost.

BlueHost was founded in 1996, with more than 20 years experience in this aspect, it can be an old brand in host industry. BlueHost now has almost hosted more than 4 million websites , and also there are lots of new users each month, many of whom are foreign trade users, so BlueHost is a popular host in the foreign trade industry.

We can say that the fast speed and good stability are the greater advantages of BlueHost. Any website owners do not want their websites can not be accessed, and went down, otherwise it will leave bad impression on users, even affect the run of the site.

The speed is the most obvious merit of BlueHost, which can be reflected from two aspects. First of all, it’s no doubt that the speed is very fast if you build the English site, it’s users almost from European and American countries. BlueHost servers are located in the four Data centers in the United States, fully ensure the host speed. Second, if you build a China site, its users are mainly concentrated in China. BlueHost has provided four computer rooms for Chinese stations, including the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India ,effectively increased the speed of the host. What’s more , it used international export routes, and there doesn’t exist speed bottlenecks between the telecommunications and China Netcom 。 Therefore, domestic users can access BlueHost host quickly.

BlueHost provides Chinese management and great stability. BlueHost China station not only provide Chinese customer service, but also support Alipay payment, which is convenient to domestic users. In addition, BlueHost has good stability, it can up to 99.9% uptime.

And BlueHost uses the most popular Cpanel control panel,which is easy to use and can help you quickly familiar with its navigation menu. And there are clear features in navigation bar, you can also use the Chinese interface. It is convenient to operate the host, increase the database, domain name, and file backup etc.

Bluehost supports a 30-day refund, once you’re not satisfied with it ,you can refund it within 30 days after you buy it.

Above are the introductions about the access speed of BlueHost. In general, BlueHost is still a good choice if you need to use overseas host .

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