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BlueHost US Shared Hosting Support SSI Commentary

As far as I know, BlueHost US shared hosting are supporting SSI (Server Side Includes) website. The SSI Design (SHTML) can handles SSI instructions while the shared hosting server is processing web pages. When the shared hosting server encounters an SSI instruction, it will interpret the SSI instruction in real time and then inserted results directly into the final HTML page. That means before it is sent to the visitor‘s browser, BlueHost’s shared hosting server will fully reads and interprets the SHTML document and interprets the SSI directive contained in the SHTML file at run-time, so SSI implements a dynamic web page 。

Several websites have been designed with SSI, For example, our BlueHost is using #include that in the SSI directive to import the basic structure of the website, such as the header, menu, and footer, into the web site page. Through SSI design, SSI provides a simple and effective way to address issues of website maintenance.

BlueHost US shared hosting support SSI commentary

It should be noted that the SSI function of BlueHost shared hosting does not need to start,you just need to upload the SSI web page directly to the BlueHost shared hosting server .

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