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BlueHost China Launches Self-Service Station Building

With the rise of self-service station building service, more and more U.S. host providers have provided this service to users. At present, we can find from BlueHost China station that BlueHost self-service station building services is also officially launched.

According to BlueHost China, the self-service station can provide 175 themes and 85,000 pictures, easy to edit, and publish the site just within a few minutes. This service includes more than 30 dynamic components, including photo galleries, blogs and web forms, e-commerce components such as PayPal and Ebay. Built-in website statistics function can be used for search engine optimization website.

The common questions of self-service station services provided by BlueHost are as follows:

Q: Do I need to buy hosting packages for self-service station?

A: No, our self-service station contains the host and post office.

Q: Does the self-help station has a demo version?

A: Yes, you can test the function of self-service station by accessing demo version 。

Q: Does self-help station has a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, we provide a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Q: What components does your self-help station building have ?

A: Our self-service website includes these popular components like blogs, photo galleries, PayPal, eBay and Google Maps.

Q: Can I design / upload my own theme?

A: You can not design / upload your own themes, but you can choose from over 180 themes that can be used for personal, professional and e-commerce.

Q: Can I upgrade to a higher package?

A: You can upgrade packages at any time.

Q: Will there be ads on my website?

A: Absolutely not. None of our self-service packages are advertised.

Q: Does self-help station including SEO features ?

A: Our self-service stations are equipped with SEO features to help you better improve site ranking.

Q: I already have websites at other hosting companies. Can I migrate websites to self-service websites?

A: You can not migrate an existing website to a self-service package. However, you can download the files from an existing website and then upload the files to the self-service package. Then you will get similar web content.

It is reported that BlueHost self-help station services has a total of 4 program packages,

you can refer to The price list of BlueHost self-help station to find more information about

the specific price and discounts.

Tips: Do not forget to use “BH” coupon code when buy BlueHost products, you’ll

enjoy a discount of 5% -10%.

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