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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular shared hosting in the United States, of course, there are many reasons why domestic webmasters all like Bluehost , the most notable among of which is the stable performance, and the special export route has been optimized for mainland China , Netcom and Telecom can be opened smoothly, in a word, it is a trustworthy foreign trade.

Bluehost has a lot of advantages ,such as, unlimited host storage space that can be placed countless web sites; unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, and the traffic it is very important when websites reaches a certain size, because the traffic of domestic shared hosting is limited tightly ; purchase space on bluehost, you ‘ll be given an international domain name for free, and you can bind numerous stations in a space; bluehost is using the popular cpanel control panel with simplified Chinese, which is suitable for those who are not good at English; of course, it also supports the refund service, when you are not satisfied with the shared hosting,you can apply for a refund; and it is without record, which help you save a lot of effort, so you can focus quickly set up a station; it also provides 24 hours after-sales service online,the customer service staff are still professional.

Support Free SSH, I believe we all know the benefits of SSH. SSH is similar to HTTP, FTP and other network protocols, initially developed by a Finnish company,it is a package of applications installed on some mainstream Unix systems. SSH encrypts all the transmitted data, thus eliminating the frequent DNS spoofing and IP spoofing on the server.

Of course, every coin has two sides. Bluehost also has some deficiencies, you’d better know these shortcomings before purchase. Since the basic data now exist in the database, only attachments and pictures included in the number of files, so 200000 files for the medium-sized station is sufficient, but if your site exceeds this number,you may required to delete them, otherwise you will not be able to back up your site automatically or even your site will be shut down. This can be a devastating to a website.

But in general, Bluehost is a relatively excellent shared hosting, otherwise it will not be welcomed by webmasters.

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