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Four Advantages of Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost (Blue host) as U.S shared hosting is very popular with foreign trade. BlueHost also offers users free SSH access and a free international domain name for one year. BlueHost has tens of thousands of customers around the world. Bluehost is one of the most popular U.S. shared hosting in the country,and it is especially favored by foreign clients. It has excellent access speed in China and stable operation in all aspects. So what advantages does it have?

First, specifically optimized for the Asian room route

We often think that foreign shared hosting can not be as fast as the domestic host,because it has to be across the Pacific. But there‘s no best only better, Bluehost does a good job in this aspect, they specifically optimized for Asian routes, and you almost can not feel a foreign shared hosting when the network is normal, it is so fast, essentially no delay 。

Second, the control panel has simplified Chinese interface

What Bluehost uses is the well-known cPanel control panel, it has various features, but relatively complicated operation, and easy for novice to use. Bluehost background provides simple Chinese support, so you can quickly locate, bind the domain name, build the new database, and complete online decompression quickly.

Third , Bluehost supports live chat

Those who have used foreign shared hosting all know that, if there is no live chat in host,you have to issue a ticket when arise problem,then waiting patiently,because the ticket is to be submitted in order, so we have no idea even if your site has an emergency 。 However Bluehost’s live chat can response fast, and its customer experience is quite rich, basically your problems can be confirmed and solved as soon as you raise it.

Fourth, free SSH

Those who have used SSH all clear about its benefits. If you have not used, then you may have missed some simple and safe operations. SSH is a network protocol similar to Http, ftp, etc., originally developed by a Finnish company. It is an application package installed by some popular Unix systems. The advantage of SSH is that it encrypts all transmitted data, eliminating the DNS spoofing and IP spoofing on servers (which are hard to avoid in the current network environment)。 Of course, we often use SSH to compress and decompress , and over the wall.

As mentioned above,if you are doing foreign trade, I believe this is a very suitable shared hosting for you. Purchase address: Bluehost China

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