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BlueHost Computer Rooms List

BlueHost Computer Rooms List

BlueHost has launched Chinese website since 2014 , to accelerate the expansion of the domestic market. Due to its great performance , Chinese site was popular with domestic users immediately after it had been launched. Different from the US official website ,the biggest difference of the programs launched by BlueHost China is the diversification.

We all know that BlueHost only have data center in the United States from the start, which means that domestic users previously can only choose the host with US computer room. However, with the continuous expansion of the foreign trade market, the products of the foreign trade enterprises have been sold all over the world, which requires the server with fast speed. Therefore, BlueHost launched the data center servers in the United States, Hong Kong, India and Europe.

A variety of data centers launched by BlueHost China can meet the speed requirements of different foreign trade website. If the product is facing the US market, then choose the US virtual host,you’ll enjoy the fastest speed; if it is facing the Asian market, choose Hong Kong or India virtual host can be faster; if it is targeting the European market, the European data center may be the best. As such, the foreign trade enterprises will have more choices.

BlueHost introduced a multi-room server is to allow customers to access websites faster, and as we introduced above BlueHost CDN acceleration technology also allows customers to visit sites faster. Therefore, with the combination of these two measures, BlueHost will perform well in the speed.

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