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BlueHost China Dedicated Server Introduction

BlueHost has been favoured by domestic users, then it has also launched the Chinese site and Chinese customer service for domestic users to expand the domestic market. People who have visited BlueHost China Station all know that Chinese Station covers a series of products such as web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting,dedicated server and self-help website, etc. Now we will introduce BlueHost dedicated server products in this article.

The top-level hardware appliances of BlueHost dedicated servers are using the highly integrated blade server, which has been tested thoroughly in the recent days. To ensure data integrity , all servers are equipped with two hard drives, with RAID1 enabled by default. Even if one hard drive is completely damaged, the user‘s data is still intact and the server is still working.

BlueHost provides us with three programs, while different programs have different configurations (the basic configuration as shown below), the servers all use CentOS 6 operating system. The convenient and intuitive management background allows users to operate fully. In addition, when purchasing a dedicated server, you can also choose cPanel control panel and payment control panel (agent products)。

A dedicated server, with a separate operating system and exclusive network bandwidth resources, if you have a dedicated server,that means your site will have a higher level of security, speed, and online rate. CentOS 6.5, the latest version of enterprise Linux operating system that is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), is installed on each server. What’s more, it has fully root management privileges, can manage and control your server completely,so you can choose to install any software to fully manage the server. Therefore, it is definitely that dedicated server will be popular with large enterprises with its high-end quality.

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