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The Introduction about Stable Hong Kong Shared Hosting Computer Room

Hong Kong shared hosting, as the name implies, is the server located in Hong Kong. Hong Kong shared hosting has always had many advantages, such as fast speed, cost-effective and without filing and so on. It is reported that after BlueHost launched Hong Kong shared hosting, its sales are still on the rise, which shows the high popularity of Hong Kong shared hosting. BlueHost Hong Kong shared hosting is located at the top Telehouse room in Hong Kong‘s HKColo.NET data center, which is one of Hong Kong’s largest data centers. Below are the well-known data centers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong PCCW room

Hong Kong PCCW is the largest and most comprehensive communications service provider in Hong Kong. It is one of the world‘s leading consulting and communications technology companies, and known as the first “four in one” carrier in Hong Kong. It provides four platforms, including fixed line through PCCW, broadband Internet, mobile and TV communications; also offers a wide range of innovative media content and services; its business also spreads all over Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia, but also covers Africa, Europe, America and other places.

Hong Kong NWT room

Its network spreads all over the world, connects PCCW, Wharf, Hutchison and other switching center with 6G in Hong Kong ; connects hkix with 2G ; connects the United States, South Korea, Japan and other foreign regions with 1.5G ; while the NWT room has become one of the most stable and rapid routes from Hong Kong to the Mainland by now. It has 100% two-lane system, so there is no problem with the speed of China Netcom and telecommunications. Therefore, service providers in Hong Kong are willing to choose NWT room.

Hong Kong HGC room

Founded in 1995, it is the largest network access provider in Hong Kong. It owns the best network in Hong Kong and occupies the leading position in Hong Kong, its broadband connection with our domestic carriers reach more than 20G. Hong Kong PCCW, China Netcom, China Telecom, etc. are all the international broadband it connected to.

It is better to choose those well-known computer rooms for users, it can be guaranteed in quality. If you are interested in BlueHost’s Hong Kong shared hosting, take a look at the BlueHost shared hosting purchase tutorial.

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