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Does all BlueHost Shared Hosting Have Unlimited Traffic

Recently, some customers have asked us whether shared hosting programs launched by BlueHost China have unlimited traffic? From its configuration query on the Chinese site, we can see that except Plan A of Hong Kong‘s computer room which provides 50GB of traffic, all other computer rooms and host programs have unlimited traffic.

There may be novice websites are not really clear about the traffic provided by the shared space, then let’s give a simple example: generally, shared hosting are mainly based on the browsing web. Assuming the size of a page on a website is 100KB, then a visitor has consumed 100KB to visits this page. If there are 10 visitors accessing it, then they have consumed 100 * 10 = 1000KB 。 The traffic provided by the host provider determines the maximum number of traffic to your site, so the larger the traffic, the more access or downloads the site can sustain. The traffic of shared hosting space is calculated by the month, the vast majority of overseas shared hosting business provide unlimited traffic.

However, it should be clear that unlimited traffic does not means site‘s access or downloads without limits. As the shared hosting is technically segmented from the server, some resources are all limited, such as bandwidth, CPU, memory, etc. Too much traffic will certainly increase the bandwidth and CPU utilization, which may cause excessive resources. This is the reason that shared hosting are not suitable for high-traffic web sites 。

For small and medium sites, shared hosting with unlimited traffic fully meet the demand, so that webmasters will not worry about the shortage of traffic, and do not need to worry about CPU, or memory may exceed the standard. So in the choice of shared hosting, the host programs with unlimited traffic are more favourable.

BlueHost China station has launched the United States, Hong Kong, Europe, India and other server rooms, but also all of these have Linux and Windows operating system, it is the preferred choice for foreign trade. Now using coupon code idcspy, you can enjoy a discount at 10% at most .

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