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The Shared Hosting Features in BlueHost China Station

Many people in China are curious about what are the difference between BlueHost China station and the English station. In fact, launching Chinese station is to better serve the users both in China and in the Asia Pacific region. And the Chinese station has more types of products,which can better meet the site construction needs of different users. The hosts in BlueHost China station are more characteristic , let’s look at the detailed introduction in the following.

1, Comprehensive virtual host programs. We know that BlueHost English station only has Linux host program, but domestic users also use ASP to build site, BlueHost China has launched Windows virtual host based on the original products, better fit the diverse needs of domestic users.

2, Support CDN acceleration technology. The Linux host launched by BlueHost China supports CDN global acceleration technology, to ensure the users have a high-quality and fast access.

3, A powerful storage engine. Linux host in BlueHost China supports MySQL database; Windows host supports MSSQL / MySQL / Access database, users can choose their own storage engine, and BlueHost China promise to automatically back up the site every day, to avoid the loss caused by the user‘s data loss 。

4 ,A key installation of various programs .The virtual host launched by BlueHost China station supports one-click installation of WordPress, Discuz !, Zen Cart, ShopEX and other website programs. And these mainly web applications can be easily installed in the background, conduct fool-style operation, and set up a station quickly 。

BlueHost China station has many characteristics, you’ll not find until you experience it yourself. Don’t forget to use the coupon code BH when purchasing BlueHost products!

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