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What Features does Shared Hosting that Support ASP Have

What features does shared hosting that support ASP have?

Windows host that in BlueHost China supports ASP language, then what features does those shared hosting have? First of all, let‘s take a look at the ASP language. ASP is an application developed by Microsoft that replaces CGI script programs. It can interact with databases and other programs and can be used to create and run dynamic web pages or web applications. ASP pages can contain HTML markup, plain text, script commands, and COM components and so on. The website built with ASP is dynamic, which is different from the traditional HTML static pages , so the shared hosting that supports ASP should have the following characteristics:

Without compiling: ASP script integrated in the HTML, easy to generate, without the need to compile or link, can directly interpret and execute.

Easy to generate: using the general text editor (such as Notepad under Windows),you can edit and design Asp page.

Independent of the browser: The client only needs to use a browser that is capable of executing HTML code.

Object- Oriented: it is easy to refer to the system components and ASP’s built-in components in ASP scripts, as well as expand functions through customized ActiveX server components.

Fast complete the website application : using the VBScript and other simple scripting languages, you can quickly complete the compiling of web applications.

The source code will not leak: ASP script executes on server-side , only the conventional HTML code generated by ASP’s execution results is sent to user‘s browser,so you can ensure that hard-coded program code will not be stolen by others.

BlueHost Windows shared hosting perfect supports ASP language, and supports PHP and ASP.NET language, as well as three programs,including Plan A, PlanB and Plan C. You can choose according to the needs of the site. We recommend BlueHost Hong Kong shared hosting for domestic users, which is very fast!

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