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How to Solve the CPU Overload Problem of BlueHost

BlueHost provides unlimited traffic, unlimited space, etc., but CPU overload may occur during operation, even worse, it will cause the site be temporarily shut down. So you have to deal with it timely, then how? The detailed introduction as follows.

Website owners who familiar with BlueHost all know that BlueHost system can automatically solve CPU overload by CPU Throttling technology, but for serious CPU overload, this technology could do nothing, at this time you have to analyze the specific reasons, then to solve it one by one according to specific reasons.

The reasons of CPU overload and solutions are as follows:

Firstly, caused by programs

1, whether the site install some new plug-ins in recent days, you may need to delete it;

2, whether the site has recently written a new PHP program with dead closed loop, you can modified or deleted it;

3, whether there are too many MySQL database query and wireless circular query in sites ;

4, whether the site installed some software in recent days, caused CPU overloaded due to improper setting ;

5, whether the site is attacked by hackers, and send some spams or be attacked by DDoS 。

Secondly,caused by site photos

1, uploading some pictures or files to site, cause the traffic and visitors explode at a sudden, so you can choose to delete pictures or files;

2, check whether the site has uploaded a very large logo or background image, you can try to narrow it;

3, check whether the website picture or document is stolen , you can find the reason by looking at the log, then set hotlink protection.

Thirdly, caused by web crawlers

There are now many bad search engine spiders and web crawlers who improperly gather or maliciously access users‘ websites. When users find this problem by viewing the original BlueHost log, he can set its IP to refuse them to visit the Web site.

Therefore, users need to solve the CPU overload of BlueHost shared hosting , but should first screen for these reasons, then solve them accordingly.

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