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If it Necessary for BlueHost Shared Hosting to Purchase Independent IP

The United States shared hosting like BlueHost, with its high-quality configuration, and low prices has been favoured by many domestic users. However, the most shared hosting are providing shared IP. Then, if it necessary for BlueHost shared hosting to purchase independent IP ? Here are some introduction about it.

BlueHost is a well-known host provider in the United States, and its hosts support both Windows and Linux systems, while each system provides plan A, plan B, and plan C, they all provide shared IP, but plan C provides independent IP for free.


When it comes to whether BlueHost shared hosting needs to purchase independent IP, we can analyze from the different advantages of shared hosting with independent IP, please see as follows :

The site which is using the BlueHost shared hosting with independent IP will be more stable. While for the host with shared IP, if there are some other illegal sites on the same IP, then your site will be affected. Fortunately, the site will not be affected by others if users build the site with independent IP.

Using the shared hosting with independent IP is helpful for optimization. No

bluehost shared hosting

bluehost shared hosting

wadays, it has become a universal phenomenon to optimize websites. Although website optimization is an external operation, the site hosting space still have a great impact on website optimization. Search Engine spiders are more friendly to websites that use independent IPs, and these sites also has higher weight, which is conducive to optimize their rankings.

The websites with independent IPs can be accessed by users through many ways, because there is only one site on one IP, so users can not only access through the website‘s domain name, but also can directly enter the IP address. However, this is not available for the sites with shared IP, after all, there are multiple sites on one IP.

The websites with independent IP can improve security. As there are often some confidential information in websites, network security now has become an important topic, especially for some e-commerce sites, they usually choose to install security certificates ,encrypt Https, but they have to use independent IP to implement this encryption technology.

So by the above description you should find that it is necessary for BlueHost shared hosting to buy independent IP. And BlueHost independent IP is cheaper, as well as there are some packages send independent IP for free, so for the security of the site ,it is better to use independent IP.

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