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The Introduction about BlueHost China CodeGuard

As website is inevitably at risk of data loss when hosted on host space, so all website owners should develop a good habit of backing up website regularly. Some host companies provide users with free backup service, but in order to make sure everything go smoothly, we recommend webmasters to back up their data regularly to local computer. BlueHost supports site backup operations, as well as provides a paid CodeGuard website cloud backup service, please see the details as follows:

As shown in BlueHost China Station, there is a cloud backup service called CodeGuard , allows users to restore data in just a few steps without having to worry about data loss. Then what this CodeGuard is? It scans the web server‘s data hourly,weekly or monthly, and backs up all the web site’s data at each time point. CodeGuard provides users with revivification function, so users can choose to restore to the corresponding old version according to timeline.

Then how does BlueHost provide this backup business? In fact, once purchase this cloud-based products and services, users simply open the CodeGuard, and then simply add the site‘s information, you can regularly back up site data. The basic principles are as follows:

1. Using SFTP / MySQL, connect website to CodeGuard. Once connected, CoudeGuard will automatically have an initial backup;

2. CodeGuard automatically monitors user’s website files and database changes, backup regularly and notify the user by mail;

3. Performing an automated restore service by downloading the zip file,restore the site files and databases, and reverting to the version you want as needed.

This cloud-based backup service looks pretty good, then what’s the price of this paid product? It is reported that BlueHost ‘s website cloud backup service totally has four programs (including Basic, Professional, Premium and Enterprise), and the price is ranging from 12 RMB / month to 78 RMB / month, users can purchase the semi-annual payment ,annual payment and two- years payment plans according to their needs. The detailed introduction of these four programs are as follows:

Bluehost China CodeGuard backup

Bluehost China CodeGuard backup

By now, I believe you should have a good understanding of BlueHost‘s CodeGuard cloud backup service, but note that the current service only supports MySQL database, if your site is using SQL server or Access database, it is unsupported.

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