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BlueHost Launches Hong Kong Linux Dedicated Server

BlueHost China station has launched Hong Kong Windows dedicated server long time ago, and now the Hong Kong Linux server is also on line. It is reported that there are both Linux and Windows Hong Kong dedicated servers available on BlueHost China official website now, which can meet the different needs of users. Let’s look at the introduction about the Hong Kong Linux dedicated server as follows:

The Hong Kong Linux dedicated host that launched by BlueHost China also uses a new hardware configuration, and it has four

Bluehost China

Bluehost China

programs ,including Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro, to meet different needs of different users. This server is located in the renowned Hong Kong‘s top data center , and also using the top hardware and software configuration. In addition, BlueHost Hong Kong Linux dedicated server also has high configuration, among of which Basic program has 6GB of memory, unlimited traffic, Intel E3-1220v3 CPU configuration and 5M exclusive bandwidth configuration, at 759 yuan / month, and the configurations of other programs can be saw in the following :


Now BlueHost China Station can choose either Hong Kong Linux operating system, or Windows operating system. Of course, you can also choose the BlueHost dedicated server whose computer room is located in the U.S. All servers launched by BlueHost China station are using two hard drives, starting RAID1 by default, so that even if the data and hard drive are broken, the server can still operate normally, and the data will not be lost.

What’s more, BlueHost official will provide online China customer service, which can offer help for customers those who meet technical problems and have need for after-sale services.

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